Mobile Pet Grooming

A premium and personalized grooming services for your pet(s) in its own familiar and comfortable environment, away from hazards and stress-inducing factors.

  ( Only available in selected locations )


 All sessions are rendered by the same team of 2 professional pet groomers with more than 2 decades of grooming experiences each.



  • Saving you the time, cost and hassle of transporting your pet(s) for grooming.
  • No disruption to your pet’s regular grooming routine by their familiar groomers, whether you are travelling, have personal or work commitments, changing address etc.


  • No travelling,
  • No separation anxiety,
  • No new environment stress,
  • No undue waiting time,
  • No other dogs barking incessantly,
  • No contact with other dominant or ferocious pets,
  • No loud dryer sounds,
  • No constant human traffic,
  • No caging, fencing or leashing

All these factors are eliminated by being groomed in the comfort and familiarity of your pet(s)’ own home.


Risk of introduction of contamination of your pet(s) is eliminated:

  • No external parasites such as fleas and ticks,
  • No pathogens such as bacteria or fungi,
  • No exposure to viruses such as Mycoplasma, Kennel/Canine cough and other dog-to-dog transferred illnesses.

With reduced impact of negative factors and in a controlled home environment, the risk of loss, injury or harm to your pet(s), persons, other pet(s) or property is therefore significantly reduced.


Many factors will be avoided through home grooming, conducted in a controlled environment;

  • Your pet(s) will be groomed without the use of cage drying or leash hanging.
  • Your pet(s) will no longer need to endure hunger or control their bowels with the reduced grooming time.
  • Assurance of your pet(s) being treated professionally and humanely is achieved when the grooming session is conducted within your presence.
  • Grooming conducted by a team of 2 groomers, will reduce any risk of undue stress, injuries and keeps struggling to a minimum.
  • With home grooming, ‘Shortcut’ grooming techniques are not practiced.
Breed  Basic Groom Full Groom
Small S$120 S$140
Medium S$130 S$150
Large S$140 S$160

Services rate is inclusive of transportation fees and services rendered by a team of 2 groomers.

Discount for multiple pets - for pet grooming services in a single session.

  • 2 pets and above ( 10% discount off total bill )

Basic grooming includes:

  • Clipping and trimming of sanitary area and under paw pads fur.
  • Plucking of ear canal excess fur and cleaning of ears.
  • Nails trimming and nail filing.
  • Excretion of anal glands.
  • Showering and blow-drying.
  • Brushing and combing of fur.

Full grooming includes:

  • All of basic grooming, and in addition, complete styling and trimming of fur


Level of Infestation Fees
Mild Infestation S$30 - S$40
Heavy Infestation S$40 - S$50


Breed  Fees
Small/Medium S$30 - S$40
Large/Extra Large S$40 - S$60


Breed  Fees
All sizes S$30 - S$60 (Depending on the severity of mats or tangles.)


No-Show at appointed time/ Non-Cancellation Surcharge

An additional surcharge of S$30 may be imposed. This is to discourage 'No-Show', poor compliance to appointment time and to prevent unnecessary booking of appointments.

This Surcharge ensures that more appointment slots are free up for those in genuine need, our ability to achieve targeted arrival time for all Clients and for our smooth operation for all concerned.

While we would appreciate a minimum of 24 hours advance notice, this Surcharge will not apply to a cancellation/amendment made at least 2 hours in advance.


1. What is Bark N Woof's Mobile pet grooming all about?
We provide grooming services, conducted right in your home as a premium and personalized services for your pets in its own familiar and comfortable environment, away from hazards and stress-inducing factors.
The care and safety of your pets is our utmost priority and we strive for the highest standard in the quality of the services we provide. We devote ourselves to the humane treatment of all pets in our care and will spare no effort in maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene in your premises.

2. How does Bark N Woof conduct its grooming services?
We stand by our practice of working as a team of two groomers at a time attending to your pet. Your pet will enjoy uninterrupted attention from us. Each session is treated delicately, with all our equipment fully sterilized and sanitized for the safety and hygiene of your pet. You will not have to worry about exposure to other pets that might be carriers of disease or parasites. No tranquilizers are used during the provisions of any of the services we provide.

3. What do I need to prepare for a grooming session at my place?

  • We require close proximity to an electricity outlet and access to a water point for us to groom and shower your pet.
  • We will also require the use of your pet's own shampoo and towel for hygiene and/or medical concerns.
  • The recommended grooming area should accommodate 1 grooming table with sufficient space for 2 persons, and should ideally be cool, quiet, brightly lit and enclosed for the grooming to be conducted privately for safely.

4. Will the grooming dirty my premises?
We understand that this is an important concern of our Clients. Rest assured, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness, sanitation and hygiene in our client's premises.

5. How long is the duration of the grooming session?
The duration of each grooming session will normally range from 1 to 2 hours per pet. Variations depend largely on:

  • The number of pets to be groomed;
  • The size of the pet;
  • The condition and length of the pet's coat;
  • The pet's temperament; and
  • Your specific grooming instructions.

6. What does a regular session entail?
Upon arrival to an appointment, we will first require you to sign a Pet Services Contract to ensure both Bark N Woof and yourself agree to the terms of the grooming. This would ensure that we assume responsibility of your pet during the grooming so you can certainly rest assured your pet is taken care of well. We pride ourselves in being one of the few, (if not the only), grooming companies that provides a grooming contract that provides legal protection for your pet. We will then proceed to set up our grooming station in the area designated by you, with all necessary grooming equipment. The grooming session will then commence. After completion of the grooming, we will dismantle the setup and conduct a thorough area cleaning of the grooming area. You and/or your representative will be invited to do a check on your pet for service satisfaction and the well being of your pet. Upon the return of your pet, if all criteria and expectations were met, you will then be required to certify that your pet had been received back in good condition and that the services have been rendered in completely and satisfactorily.

7. How do I engage the services of Bark N Woof?
You can email us at or book your appointment with us via our online booking form.

8. When should I book the next appointment for my pet?
We recommend that you book the next appointment upon completion of the current session. This ensures you get your most preferred time slot for the next appointment. We are typically booked up one to two weeks in advance although early completion of our grooming sessions each day might free up some slots in between. Simply call us during our operating hours to check for any slots availability. In our experience, our mobile pet grooming services will require the longest booking notice, followed by our disinfectant treatment and then boarding arrangement.

9. How do I make payment?
The full payment as indicated on our Pet Services Invoice is due and payable upon presentation of our Pet Services Invoice or upon you receiving your pet, whichever is earlier. Currently, we only accept cash or cheque. For payment by cheque, kindly cross the cheque and make it payable to "BARK N WOOF".

10. How does Bark N Woof structure its services prices?
Bark N Woof offers a premium mobile pet grooming service. We price our services according to several factors that conventional salon grooming and freelance grooming services might not be able to provide.

  • We absorb fuel charges, ERP, vehicles services, road tax and other transportation costs.
  • Having to travel around on the road most of the time, our occupation hazard are increased significantly.
  • The level of experience and skills required in handling pets in their own territory and conducting the grooming services within the presence of the owner.
  • We operate in a team of 2 pet groomers, each integral to the performance of our services. Travelling to and from client premises, performing the services and the setting up and dismantling of the workstation requires considerable effort, time and therefore cost.
  • We incur the typical operational cost of running a registered company. Bark N Woof is a registered company – you can certainly have the assurance that our establishment is not a fly-by-night outfit. We also place emphasis on the regular servicing and replacement of pet grooming equipment so as to provide the best service to you. We believe in constant maintenance and upgrading so we can perform optimally for you, our clients.