Pet Boarding

Having peace of mind...


  • Your pets will feel more comfortable and relaxed in a home environment.
  • The risk of contamination of your pet(s) by external parasites such as fleas and ticks and pathogens such as bacteria, fungi and all virus types will be greatly reduced in a home environment setting.
  • You do not need to impose on your friends, relatives or neighbours for the care of your pets. They will also not feel personally accountable should mishaps occur.
  • Your pets will be given individual loving care and attention as we only take care of one individual client's pets at any given time with 24hours supervision.
  • Your pets will roam freely and not be fenced up or leashed up in our home.
  • There is no exposure to other animals that might be displaying aggressive or dominant behaviours.
  • Our policy of having all boarding pets going through a compulsory grooming session upon check-in ensures our premises are free from external parasites and pathogens.
  • Our expertise in pet grooming further ensures that your pet's grooming needs for hygiene and comfort purposes are well met. 

Pet Boarding Charges (based on per date per pet)

Breed Size Fee
 Small S$40
 Medium / Large S$50


Boarding Service Policies:

  1. All pet(s) coming in for boarding stay arrangement must sign up for a compulsory basic or full grooming session to ensure the safety and hygiene of the pet(s) as well as to check for physical health conditions, external parasites etc.
  2. For boarding stay with pick up and send back services, an additionally charge will apply of S$30 to S$60, depending on location.
  3. The Owner is responsible for supplying the necessary equipment and food supplies specific to the care of the Pet(s). Any special requests are to be made known to us during admission time.
  4. Billing will begin on the date upon the services begin till the date upon the services ceases and are calculated on a per day basis, regardless of check in/out time. The full payment for the proposed duration of boarding shall be made during admission time. Extension to the proposed services period shall be charged accordingly at the prevailing rates. No refund will be given for early checkout.

1. What is Bark N Woof Home Boarding all about?
We understand how difficult and heartbreaking it can be for you to leave your pets behind due to social or work commitments, going out of town, being in temporary accommodations or simply for some R&R (rest for the pets or yourself), especially when the only option is to leave them in unfamiliar surroundings such as a boarding kennel and taken care of by unfamiliar personnel.
We therefore offer our own home as a kennel-free alternative. We believe that a home environment will highly decrease the anxiety and stress your pets might face being apart from you. We have a policy of caring for only one client's pets at any given time. We will do our best to follow any reasonable requests given by you. Our home is designed to be pet-friendly and necessary safeguards have been put in place to prevent pets from mishaps. You can rest assured your pets will roam freely and not be fenced or leashed up in our home.

2. Where will my pets be staying?
Your pets will be staying with us in our own home throughout the entire duration of stay. Your pets will be showered every 7th day of boarding at no additional cost. Your pet will also be under round-the-clock supervision with loving and attentive care and if your loved one is on medications, we will administer the medication at no additional charge.

3. What do I need to prepare for my pet's stay?
You will need to provide us with your pet's:

  • Own bedding, bowls, toys and others necessary equipment and supplies.
  • Regular food as the dietary requirements of each pet is different and your pet should remain on its normal diet so as not to upset its dietary patterns and to help avoid stomach upset.
  • Own special treats or we can share ours
  • Collar and leash for walking.
  • Medications, if any.

Where it may be necessary for us to acquire additional supplies and/or equipment for the satisfactory performance of the boarding service, you will be liable for all the purchase price of the said items, as well as a service fee (if applicable).

4. How will my pets be taken care of?
We have a policy of caring for only one individual client's pets at any given time. There will be considerably less stress for them as they are staying in a home environment with no others pets around and being taken care of by their familiar groomers. We will also certainly do our best to follow any special instructions given by you, If a medical situation such as sudden fits or heart attacks arises, prompt action will and can be taken as your pet will be under 24/7 care and surveillance during the entire duration of the stay.

5. Can you guarantee the safety and well-being of my pet?
While we agrees to provide services in a reliable, trustworthy and caring manner with all necessary safeguards and precautions in place, we are unable to prevent any unforeseeable circumstance beyond our control such as death or illness due to old age, nutrient malfunction, sudden heart attacks, fit seizures, lowered levels of its immunity, mental stress, and any case of mishap not caused by the intentional or negligent act on our part, with diligence and care taken, during or after the stay in our premises.

6. What will you do in a medical emergency?
The safety and health of your pet is our top priority. Therefore, in the event of a medical emergency, we will seek attention from your preferred veterinarian or from an alternative qualified veterinarian. We will make every effort to contact you prior to seeking emergency veterinary care. However, you will be liable to reimburse us for any additional fees and charges incidental to the provision of emergency care, as well as expenses incurred by us on your behalf such as transportation to and from the veterinarian, medication, supplies, grooming and other expenses resulting from the veterinary care.

7. What can I expect from sending my pet to a boarding facility?
Inevitably, your pet will be introduced to a new environment and be away from you. In a small number of cases, Some pets, they might develop "separation anxiety", poor appetite due to stress, stress-induced lowered immunity and/or insufficient sleep as a result of discomfort and being more alert in a new environment. As such, we strive to make your pet's stay as contented and comfortable as possible. Although some pets might still be lethargic, have poor appetite or display anti social behavior after the course of its stay, most pets should recover in, at most, a few days.